Custom White Powerlifting Belt
Custom White Powerlifting Weight Belt
Custom White Weightlifting Power Belt
How to Measure for a Weight Belt

Custom White Powerlifting Belt (UV Color Print)


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  • 100% Genuine Treated Soft Leather Power Belt
  • ECO-UV Cured Color Ink Print
  • 4-Inch Full Padless Back, 7 mm Thickness
  • Suede Interior Lining & Durable Stitching
  • Heavy-Duty Dual Prong Roller Buckle
  • Steel Reinforced Rivets

Custom Design Instructions:

  • Once you have determined your midsection size in inches, select your belt size that correlates to your midsection measurement. Pick a size that lands in the middle range that allows holes on both sides for weight fluctuation.
  • Click on the "Customize Your Belt" button to begin designing your weight belt
  • Once you have completed designing your custom weight belt, click on the "Add To Cart" button and proceed to to checkout 

Important Notes:

  • Custom UV printed weightlifting belts are produced in Middleton, Idaho using advanced ultraviolet print cured with highly flexible inks, enabling stretching and application on curved surfaces without cracking. Superior scratch and sweat-resistance, VOC free and completely safe when cured. 
  • Do not choose your weight belt size based upon your waist or pants size, there is a good chance this will result in an incorrectly fitted weight belt.
  • Custom belts can not be exchanged or returned due to incorrect belt sizing, please verify your midsection size before finalizing your custom belt order.